Clothing Optional Beaches

Technically, clothing optional beaches or nude beaches do not exist on the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexican law defines all beaches as federal property and thus public access has to be guaranteed.

Meanwhile however many resorts 'claim' strips of beach by placing lounge beds exclusively for their guests. It's their way of making a statement: "keep off, this piece of beach belongs to hotel X".

Not so nice but understandable, after all everybody is looking after their best interest and tourism is what keeps us going. And since 70 % of the larger resorts is all inclusive the only way to use the hotel's facilities like beach beds is to buy a daypass when you're not a registered guest.

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In a way this beach-property thing works to your advantage, because on one hand there's the law saying the beach is public but on the other hand access to the beach is not always so obvious. Most people just don't bother to walk several miles to get to a secluded stretch of white sand. A certain level of privacy can be expected. Hence the possibility for a few hotels to offer "unlimited freedom " where on the beach the consensus is what makes the rule.

Clothing optional resorts