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What to expect (& what not)

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The Cancun hotel and resort area is a 23 km long boulevard. It's actually a former sand dune artificially transformed into a tourist hotspot.

The airport is close-by and is connected to the Hotel Zone on the south side, so you'll be at the beach in no time!

For your orientation here's a map of Cancun hotels.


Recent pictures of Cancun beaches

On this website you will find Cancun hotel and resort accommodation ranging from three up to six stars.

This classification may be somewhat different from what you find in other brochures or on other sites on the internet.

Why is that?

After doing some research to find a good booking program for your Cancun hotel reservation I've decided to team up with Recently they did an important national survey and made some major changes in their hotel qualifications. This guarantees you certain features and services and give you a better idea of what to expect (and what not) at the hotel of your choice.

Clear Blue Water and White Puffy Clouds Along the Beach at Cancun
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What to expect at your Cancun hotel and resort

Six stars

A six star distinction is only for those Cancun hotels considered "the best of the best". You may expect world class accommodations with the latest in tecnology and an impeccable service designed to satisfy your every whim in sophisticated and luxurious surroundings. These hotels feature golf courses, luxury Spas with the latest treatments, elegant bars and gastronomical pleasures.

Five stars

Expect high standards of personalized service and attention within luxurious and stylish settings. Quality and taste in decoration is an important point for these hotels to qualify, as well as the willingness of personnel in every area to make your stay a memorable one (an make you come back of course). A five star Cancun hotel and resort offers business centres, gym, Spa, bars and speciality restaurants, among others.

Four stars

Your wellness and wellbeing is important. As a guest in a four star hotel you will enjoy various options of amusement, restaurants, pool area and gardens. Rooms are carefully decorated with quality and detail. Overall you'll find lodgings with a well defined style and good comfort. As a business traveller you may find modern utilities, conference rooms and salons.

Three stars

They will make your stay a pleasurable one with functional services within a clean, secure and comfortable environment at an excellent cost. Three star hotels generally offer a cafetaria or a small restaurant and they mey have some utilities for business travellers.

Half stars

Your Cancun hotel and resort may offer something extra, a feature from a higher classification, while of course it complies with all requirements within its' own category. So it gets a half star to let you know to expect some 'goodies'.

Ready to make your Cancun hotel reservation? Adelante, check out your options.