Spring break shark attacks in Cancun?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

News travels at the speed of light. News about shark attacks goes Warp speed. Especially when it concerns a major tourist destination like Cancun.

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Calls came in from concerned travel agencies today about a supposed attack on one of our beaches.

Apparently a Mexican tourist had been killed. Well, according to local newspapers and radio reports the unfortunate person had ingested alcohol when he went for a swim and drowned.

That would have been the end of the story, but in this case the body was taken offshore by the currents. The shark just happened to be around and simply responded to nature eating parts of the body (a forearm and part of the ankle to be precise). After that the mutilated body drifted back to one of the Cancun beaches and washed ashore, scaring the hell out of sunbathing visitors.

shark diving in Playa del Carmen

I just thought I'd comment on the issue because the poor shark can't defend itself and apparently there's an international hype going on about this.

Believe me, in all of twelve years living in Cancun I've never heard of shark attacks on swimming tourists. A diver who knowingly goes out looking for bull sharks and gets bitten in the arm, yes, that could happen. Especially now shark diving is becoming a popular thing, like it shows on the video. But for the time being I guess we are more concerned about the on-going erosion of our beaches and finding a solution to that problem which is on the long term much more detrimental to Cancun's image than about a blown-up shark story.

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