Cancun Hotel Zone Map

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This Cancun Hotel Zone Map turned out to be a real challenge!

First there's the large large number of hotels to map. And then..., do you ever feel that when you start out with something on your computer it takes you to dive in deeper and deeper, downloading gadgets and programs and in the end you're completely off track?

Me and our guide Luis on my whale shark adventure

Well, I started out trying to put together an interactive map of Cancun hotels in Flash with a nice rollover effect so that when you move your mouse over the placeholder a picture of the hotel shows up as a pop-up.

After about a week of staring myself blind at actionscripts I was a nervous wreck and my family was beginning to wonder if I'd become a computer addict.

I'm not, but I'm really really very good at making things difficult for myself!

Then some nice guys from our SBI forum gave me a deserved kick-in-the-butt and told me to go to Google Maps instead. In Google you can focus on a specific area and create your own map. Not so sophisticated as in Flash, maybe, but I've come up with a functional map of Cancun hotels. And it's fun to do, you should try it!

Anyway here's the result, my new Cancun Hotel Zone Map. I couldn't do my mouse-rollover-effect, so you have to click on the placeholders to see the hotel. First, use the + sign (top, left of the map) to zoom in. You can almost see what they serve for dinner tonight! Lobster anyone?

Map of Cancun hotel Zone

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